Our Hybrid laying hens are the perfect choice for the first time keeper as well as the more experienced keepers. They are very friendly, hardy and easy-to-keep. We stock around 15 different colours and breeds all year round so that you will be guaranteed to find the best selection of hens here at Glendevon Poultry! These hens lay a variety of different coloured eggs, from light brown, dark brown, white, speckled, to even blue and green eggs.
These hens have wonderful inquisitive natures and will not fail to reward you with a constant supply of delicious fresh eggs every day. You will become very popular with family and friends once they have tried them!



If you are looking for hens that look awesome, give reasonable supply of eggs and have long life span, pure breeds are for you! They are docile and friendly with more plumage and weight. Most pure breeds will lay in the summer and stop laying for the winter, unlike hybrids will give you a constant supply of eggs all year round.
Pure breeds generally live and lay longer than hybrids, but it depends on the living conditions. At Glendevon Poultry we stock around 10 different colours and breeds most of the year, so you will have a wide variety to choose from. 

How our hens are reared


Our hens live in outdoor pens with plenty of grass available for them to free range, located in the beautiful countryside. They are raised to high welfare standards and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the hens. They also undergo a vaccination programme (shown in table below) to fight any diseases or illnesses.


When coming to collect your hens it is ideal if you can bring a pet carrier or a large cardboard box with you to transport your hens home in. Please make sure the box or cage has ventilation so they can breath! It is also a good idea to put some straw or shavings in the bottom to keep your hens comfortable on their journey home.
If you haven't got a suitable carrier then don't worry as we do have some boxes here. If you are looking for particular breeds of hens then please call or email us to check availability to avoid disappointment. If we have sold out of a particular breed we will keep you updated on when the next batch comes in, which should be within a couple of weeks. We want you to be happy with your hens and we will always aim to provide the best service we can.