New batch! (bantams & large fowl)

A new batch of point of lay pure breed bantams and large fowl has arrived!. Breeds are as follows:

Large fowl:

French Copper Black Marans - dark egger


Cream Legbar - blue egger

Silver Campine

Partridge Rumpless Araucana - blue egger

White Partridge Rumpless Araucana - blue egger

Golden Spangled Apenzeller



Cuckoo Pekin

Lavender Pekin

Mottled Pekin

Millefleur Pekin

Gold Pencilled Laced Wyandotte

Silver Pencilled Laced Wyandotte

Partridge Pencilled Laced Wyandotte

White Silkie

Splash Silkie

Lavender Silkie

Gold Silkie

Black Silkie

Gold Laced Polish

We have Gold Laced Polish cockerel and hen which we are selling as a breeding pair for £50.

We also have Hybrid Cheshire Blues and Cheshire Browns which will lay blue/green eggs.

There is limited numbers so be quick!

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