8 Hen Poultry Coop and Run


  • This unit has a raised house for easy access.
  • Pull Out Cleaning Tray
  • Vents
  • Perches
  • Nesting Box
  • Suitable for up to 8 Hens (8 would be small breed and meet minimum welfare standards)
  • Excellent for other small animals too, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc.
  • Access door on house and Door on run too, wooden roof on house and run.


House Width – 81 cm (32”)

House Width (with roof overhangs) – 100 cm (39.5”)

House Length - 93 cm (36.5”)

House Length (with roof overhangs) - 104 cm (41”)

House Height from floor to apex on roof - 156.5 cm (61.5”)

Run Width – 81 cm (32”)

Run Width (with roof overhangs) – 87 cm (34.5”)

Run Length – 113 cm (44.5”)

Run Length (with overhand on roof) – 117 cm (46”)

Run Height from floor to apex on roof – 99cm (39”)

Nest Box Width – 70 cm (27.5”)

Nest Box Width (with overhangs) 76 cm (30”)

Nest Box Depth – 38 cm (15”)

Nest Box Depth (with overhangs) - 43 cm (17” )

Nest Box Height – 40 cm (15.5”)

Nest Box Height (with roof) – 45 cm (17.5”) 


**** Please note ****
The measurements above have been taken separately, for the exact run measurement add the House and Run lengths together. Also for the overall length of the unit add the Run, House and Nest Box measurements together.


This unit is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly.


Treatment - Although this product comes treated from the factory we recommend treating again within a month of assembly or if its winter ideally before use, with a good quality preserver ideally a oil / solvent based product like Barrattine, and repeat once or twice a year as necessary, this will protect the wood and help avoid mould spores forming in damp winter weather. 

8 Hen Poultry Coop and Run