Chicken Wagon - Up to 8 hens

The Chicken Wagon is the latest and greatest model in our current range, and the design takes its inspiration from the famous covered wagons of the American 'Wild West'. The Poultry Club of Great Britain Guidelines indicate that this house would be suitable for up to 8 large fowl or 17 bantams. However, we recommend a little more space per bird, and suggest that it is ideal for up to 6 larger birds or 12 bantams.

It has two individual nest boxes, each with a roll-away nest box insert, which helps keep eggs clean. Once laid, they roll backwards into a collecting area which is covered by a flap. Easy access to the collecting area is provided by a lockable sliding cover at the rear of the house. The nest boxes can be easily removed, if required.

Access to inspect the birds and for cleaning is via a full-height front door which can be quickly opened, yet securely fastened in just a few seconds. Easy access makes regular cleaning a breeze.

Permanent ventilation is provided under the roof at the front, with two additional fully adjustable circular vents at the back, so the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight. Being plastic, the Wagon requires no routine maintenance.

There are few crevices for pests (such as red mite) to hide in, and the house can be thoroughly cleaned very easily - in seconds if you have a pressure washer. And it will dry out very quickly, too. This house can be easily moved by one person, and its large wheels means that it won't sink into the ground. If you ever need to dismantle your Chicken Wagon for any reason, you can easily do so and then rebuild it just as easily. Your wagon will not be damaged by this process.


External Dimensions: 102(w) x 132 (max h) x 120(d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
Internal Dimensions: 71(w) x 115(max h) x 99(d) cm
Ground Clearance (to floor): 15cm
Perches: 3 wooden perches, each 69cm usable length
Nest Boxes: 2 nestboxes, 30 (w) x40 (h) x 45 (d) cm (internal measurement)



This product is available in Green, Blue or Yellow.This colour applies to the roof, the door and the nest box lid only - all other plastic parts are black.


Optional Extras

Automatic Opener - This house has been designed to work with a Chickenguard Automatic Opener. This simply bolts to the front of the house (holes are pre-drilled for you) and the cord attaches to a split ring in the door, replacing the manual draw cord and handle.
We supply the Chickenguard Premium opener, which has the following features:

- Auto Open - Specify Time or Light Level
- Auto Close - Specify Time or Light Level
- Manual Open and Close - Large Buttons
- Simple to set up and reliable to use
- Weatherproof housing
- Runs on 4 x AA batteries with low battery warning
- UK designed and manufactured
- 3 Year warranty

The Chickenguard opener can be bought with this product, or can be bought later (see our Spares/Accessories section). It costs more to buy later, as extra shipping costs will be incurred.


Dropping Trays - You can use one of our Square Droppings Trays for this product, though it does leave a 65mm side gap and 105mm end gap to the Wagon walls. See our Spares/Accessrories page.

Chicken Wagon - Up to 8 hens

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