2m Run for Chicken Coop Large - Raised

Give your chickens a safe outdoor space to move around freely with our choice of runs. Designed to fit snugly and securely to your Nestera coop, our 2m Run includes the area under the coop.


Add a 1m Run Extension to increase your chickens' outdoor space to 3m.


Secure Chickens = Happy Chickens

Our runs offer your flock complete safety from predators. Manufactured with ‘anti-chew' solid steel weld mesh with a durable PPA coating, our chicken coop runs include a wide mesh skirt around the entire perimeter, making tunnelling nearly impossible. Each run is painted dark green to blend into its surroundings.


Easy Access for You and Your Flock

Your chickens can come and go as they please with up to three separate openings provided on each run. A large lockable door is built into the steel mesh on the end panel, with hatches to the left and right under the rear of the raised coops which can be securely locked with their solid recycled plastic handle.



Height: 956mm
Width: 925mm
Length: 1150mm

2m Run for Chicken Coop Large - Raised